The Ultimate Adult Rootbeer Float Recipe

There is nothing worse than having someone say “Oh, you’re one of those girls” to you, but when it comes to beer, I am definitely one of those girls. It is not a high maintenance thing (though I have been called that on occasion), I just never developed a taste for beer. Honest to god, I have tried to like the stuff. You won’t catch me ordering a lemon drop or a vodka cranberry, but you will also never see me order a bottle, pint, or fancy import. But the day I learned about Rootbeer beer it was like the clouds parted and heaven’s light shone on me in pity.

rootbeerOn a typical Sunday while brunching at the ever famous Salt n’ Pepper Diner, I raised a glass of Not Your Father’s Rootbeer to my lips and finally enjoyed a beer. Not only does it taste just like that good ol’ fashioned rootbeer, it is a 10% abv which gives you twice the kick normal beer does! I don’t know if they could have made it better.

Though many fine establishments carry this revolutionary Rootbeer beer, Small Town Brewery, out of Wauconda, IL, announced earlier this month that they will be bottling it in a six packs and distributing to a retailer near you. In honor of their entrepreneurial endeavor, I give you my favorite way to enjoy my rootbeer beer.

You will need:

rootbeet floatChilled beer stein

1 oz of vanilla vodka

1 bottle of Not Your Father’s Rootbeer

  • In an empty chilled beer stein deposit two scoops of your favorite vanilla ice cream.
  • Pour half of an ounce of vanilla vodka over the ice cream
  • Crack open Not Your Father’s Rootbeer and dispense slowly over your ice cream. It will fizzle and bubble, so do it carefully and leave some room on top.
  • Top with the remainder of the vanilla vodka

Enjoy your buzzed sugar high! Drink responsibly kids.

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