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It’s February, which means you have definitely bailed on that New Year’s resolution gym membership, but bikini season is just around the corner. Lucky for you, nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor and former NGA Pro competitor, Christie Bennett shared one of her new favorite products with us, the Booty Belt. Who better to to help you prepare for bathing suit season than an award winning bikini pro?


The booty Belt is easy to carry and use anywhere. It targets exactly what you need it to, the booty and your abs, and comes with three different resistance bands, so no matter your level of fitness, you can still use it! Simply strap it around your waist and feet and you can work out while still enjoying your Netflix marathon! There’s has been such a difference in my glutes since I started using it.

Here are a few workouts I love to add to my weekly routine.

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booty beltThe Booty Belts adjustable velcro belt is made of commercial-grade, double layered nylon (similar to seat belt material). The booty bands slide to the specified width of your waist/hips. The bands are commercial-grade “pro” bands with double-dipped natural latex tubing that stretches to more than three times the length. The color coating represents the different levels of resistance. The foot straps are made of nylon and velcro. There is a neoprene pad in each foot strap for comfort, so the Booty Belt can be used barefoot or while wearing athletic shoes. There are no height or weight restrictions. If it’s comfortable enough to perform the exercises then you should be able to use it. Consult with your physician first.

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