Being a Pretentious Idiot Will Get You Nowhere

We’ve all been there, have had friends that have been there, or just know someone who has been that guy. News Flash: Being a pretentious idiot will get you nowhere.

Being a Pretentious Idiot Will Get You Nowhere

We all know one person who thinks they’re better than everyone else simply because they’ve been following the latest trends in fashion, or because they don’t listen to top 40 mainstream music. They probably just spent $400 on the latest handbag because it’s on trend or are super stoked to tell you about this underground EDM artist that nobody’s ever heard of. (Spoiler alert: there’s probably a reason for that).

I have three words for these people: You are exhausting.

Don’t get me wrong, you can like whatever you want, and I won’t judge you.

You want to wear the bands t-shirt to the concert you’re attending because you want to support the band? Go for it.

You think that shirt you got from the thrift store makes you look and feel great? Perfect.

But the second that you start saying things like “I can’t believe she’s wearing that,” or “God, I can’t believe you listen to music that’s on the radio,” is the exact moment when you become a pretentious idiot.

It’s hard to be around someone that’s so negative and judgmental. Even worse, it’s harder to be friends with that person. Trying to keep up with so many on trend or obscure interests is impossible. In reality, how is her skirt from last season going to affect you in any way? Why is a girl wearing Uggs, drinking a frappuccino from Starbucks, and listening to Taylor Swift so threatening to you that you have to call her out on it?

I hate that it’s become trendy to always be better than the next person. To think that your interests may be “better” because it’s what’s new and nobody has heard of it before, makes you a pretentious idiot, and being a pretentious idiot will get you nowhere.

People should be able to like the things that they do and not feel threatened or guilty because it’s different.

If what you love is not physically or emotionally harming someone, love it. Love it unapologetically. Life is too short to worry about what other people think. As cliché as that is to say, it’s true. You do you.

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Erin Richter

by Erin Richter

Erin, a college student living in downtown Chicago who drinks too much coffee and watches way too much television, is a lover of the arts and is always looking for good music to listen to. Her desire to stay current on what's going on in the world and how cool content is shared led this music business major to an interest in the ever changing world of social media.