a tale of love
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I Gave Her My Heart: A Tale of Love

In late January 2010, I was working at my campus library and had recently sworn off dating. No, really, stay with me here: I. Was. Done. All I wanted to focus on that spring semester was my writing and my future, neither of which needed a distraction like boys. If I got lonely, that’s what […]

valentine's day mixtape
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Battle of the Valentine’s Day Mixtape

For all you lovers out there, Valentine’s Day is about excitement, fun, and maybe even a bit of romance. Whether you’ve already met that special someone or you’re waiting in the wings, here’s a Valentine’s Day mixtape of sexy songs to get you in the right mood. Turn the music up and enjoy!   “I Love […]

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Valentine’s Day Playlist for the Jaded and Jilted

It’s that time of year again. And if you hate all the mentions of love, pink hearts fluttering in the cold breeze, and two for one sales on chocolate bars, this Valentine’s day playlist is for you! 1). “Caught Out There”-Kelis: This song is for everyone who’s been cheated on and who doesn’t want to […]

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She Gave Me a Pen: Screw Valentine’s Day

Not all of us are planning romantic Valentine’s day events. Some of us are at home, eating our single feelings with our best guys, Ben and Jerry, and randomly shouting at our Netflix suggestions, “SCREW VALENTINE’S DAY!” When I’m heartbroken, I go to three specific movies to make me feel better: Moulin Rouge, because there’s nothing like angry […]