Vintage Style: Winter Runway

  Vintage style is once again on display on the runway. From cocoon dresses to the nostalgic mod styles of the sixties, vintage style has crept into our collective fashion consciousness to rev up our wardrobe for winter. Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent have already unveiled their looks for this upcoming season, and many of them […]

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Cleaning Out Your Emotional Closet

Every now and again, I go into my closet, take stock of what’s inside, and I purge. I throw away anything that is taking up valuable space, things that no longer fit, or I no longer wear. It’s not always an easy process, and I often find that have I have attached more value to […]

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Surviving Life Without Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta. Even the name brings to mind the timeless elegance of clean lines and voluminous pleats, placed against a lavish backdrop of tule or batik. When I think of Oscar de la Renta designs, I think of exuberance and vitality, mixed between layers of the avant-garde and wrapped primly and placed firmly in […]

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The 6 Basic Rules of Vintage

Kate Hudson wore it on the red carpet. Ariana Grande has, too. Rihanna has been spotted in it for years. It’s become a trend of sorts, but one that comes with lots of assumptions, tons of misdirection, and no small measure of disdain. And to do it is one thing—but to do it well is another. […]