Tatted Uprising: J. Michael Kent

J. Michael Kent is a NYC based male model with naturally handsome good looks and a talent for being extremely versatile. I recently caught up with him and chatted about his career and being such an in demand, versatile model. He has been on the scene for 3 years and I have watched his portfolio […]

Steph Modified is a female tattoo artist who’s skills can go toe to toe with any of her male peers, making her an obvious choice for the Sugar & Spikes “Tatted Uprising” feature.

Tatted Uprising – Steph Modified

In the male dominated industry of tattooing, it is a refreshing change to meet Steph Modified. Born and raised in New York City, the professional tattoo artist’s personal style bears a likeness to Tank Girl. When it comes to her adopted last name, “Modified,” she embraces the meaning full on. Her passion for all forms […]