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In Defense of Red Lipstick: Yes, You Can Wear This Too!

Growing up, I was always told that red lipstick wasn’t for everyone. Only some women could wear such a bold, flamboyant color and it certainly was not *moi*. So for years, I steered clear of any kind of red and settled for boring plums, unappetizing browns and the occasional nude lip gloss. Then one day […]


Vintage Style: Winter Runway

  Vintage style is once again on display on the runway. From cocoon dresses to the nostalgic mod styles of the sixties, vintage style has crept into our collective fashion consciousness to rev up our wardrobe for winter. Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent have already unveiled their looks for this upcoming season, and many of them […]

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Cleaning Out Your Emotional Closet

Every now and again, I go into my closet, take stock of what’s inside, and I purge. I throw away anything that is taking up valuable space, things that no longer fit, or I no longer wear. It’s not always an easy process, and I often find that have I have attached more value to […]