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Products We Love: The Booty Belt

It’s February, which means you have definitely bailed on that New Year’s resolution gym membership, but bikini season is just around the corner. Lucky for you, nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor and former NGA Pro competitor, Christie Bennett shared one of her new favorite products with us, the Booty Belt. Who better to to help […]


Bikram Yoga: The Perfect Winter Workout

Ok, it’s official. I hate working out in the winter time. In summer, it’s fun because you can instantly show off your progress with your body. You can toss your workout clothes in a bag, trot to the gym, and get your fitness on without a care in the world. In winter, however, the idea […]

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Vegetarianism: How to Do it Right

Our in-house fitness guru, personal trainer, and model, Phoenix, walks us through the basic first steps to being a vegetarian. There is more to vegetarianism than just eating fruits and vegetables. Phoenix lays down the basics. While being a vegetarian isn’t for everyone (and neither is Pamela Anderson), a lot of you out there want to […]

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Fit vs. Skinny Fat

There is a definite difference between lean and skinny fat. A toned body means you are eating and exercising correctly and the entire body is operating up to its potential. The right answers to being toned versus skinny? Lose weight and keep your fat percentages down, but do it the right way. In house Fitness buff, personal […]

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5 Free Fitness Apps You Need Now

Want that summer body, but it’s too cold to exercise outside? Well thank goodness for smart phone apps! Here are 5 free popular fitness apps that are totally worth it. Say good bye to your food belly, and hello to your new workout sneakers! 1. Daily Ab Workout: You don’t even need to pay for […]