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DIY Hair Make-Over

Spring is coming, which means many people are hoping to be reborn. Diets are begun, gym memberships extended in preparation for bikini season, and closets are cleaned out all in the spirit of renewal and rebirth. If you’re like me, though, and want instant gratification towards the “New You” head for the easiest route: Your Hair. A […]

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Homemade Bronzer For A Sunkissed Winter

We all look better bronze but find ourselves pale when December rolls around. There’s no way we are patient enough to wait for summer to come around to get our bronze on. We were rather giddy when we found this intriguing recipe for a homemade bronzer. It works, it’s customizable to your desired level of bronzification (yes, […]

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How To Tie a bow tie. The right way.

As men, I believe we should know how to do a lot of things: to be the ultimate provider, business man, builder, dresser, creator, lover… the ultimate man. That means you need to know a bit about putting an outfit together, guys. In addition, these days more and more beautiful ladies are experimenting with the […]