Foundation Showdown: Makeup Forever HD vs Face Atelier

Silicone based foundations have been getting a lot of buzz lately, and for good reason! My favorites and a few stars in my personal makeup kit as well as my professional have been the Makeup Forever HD Foundation and the Face Atelier HD Ultra Pro Foundation. Both are silicone based cosmetics that have been used […]


10 Online Boutiques You Should Know Already

While online shopping is becoming more and more popular, many start-up fashion companies have had great success growing their brands on the internet. This has allowed many clothing lines to get creative with their marketing and saves customers the struggle of hunting down that perfect new piece to add to their wardrobe. Checkout our list […]

vintage 2
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The 6 Basic Rules of Vintage

Kate Hudson wore it on the red carpet. Ariana Grande has, too. Rihanna has been spotted in it for years. It’s become a trend of sorts, but one that comes with lots of assumptions, tons of misdirection, and no small measure of disdain. And to do it is one thing—but to do it well is another. […]

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In defense of the # Selfie Syndrome

So recently, there was a big debate about the psychological ramifications of people who indulge (or overindulge) in the act of taking — and posting — selfies. When it comes to Social Media, there is a gamut of so-called disorders one could diagnose many online offenders with. Since we are so quick to coin new […]

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Don’t Be “That Guy”

I’m not a social media expert. I don’t have tens of thousands of twitter followers. I don’t have thousands of friends on Facebook. I don’t have a blog that receives a million hits a day or even in a month. I will never use words like “guru”, “media-maven”, “social media strategist” (or any other terrible cliche […]