You Can be a Barbie Girl in a Moschino World

moschinoEvery fashion week, New York, Paris, London, there’s always one designer that premieres a collection everyone talks about.

This year at Milan’s Fashion Week, it was Moschino.

Creative director, Jeremy Scott, debuted the Fall 2014/Spring 2015 collection inspired by everyone’s favorite blonde: Barbie. Scott, who is the genius behind other pop culture Moschino creations such as McDonalds, Spongebob Squarepants, and Hershey, was inspired by the iconic doll and her ever evolving look over the years.

The collection was filled with plenty of pink, and lots of accessories, including everything from Barbie’s trademark mirror and comb to her bags and shoes for every occasion. Scott’s attention to detail will give you a chance to relive your childhood experiences of playing dress up with your Barbies.

moschino 5Had I known the collection would be this stunning, I would have suggested to Mr. Scott that he create a line for men inspired by Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken. I was incredibly impressed by his ability to create a classic vibrant Barbie look while adding a modern flair.

The evening wear showcases Jeremy Scott’s true talent, bringing to life Barbie’s iconic evening gowns and transforming them into real life, red carpet ready dresses.

Moschino’s Barbie inspired collection has received plenty of positive reviews, as well as praise for the diversity of models walking the runway. I’m certain that Moschino will be in everyone’s closet, whether it’s your own purchase or from Rent The Runway.

Take a look at this colorful fashion collection and let us know your thoughts.

Moschino Spring Summer 2015 Collection


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