WANTED: Moschino Cheap & Chic – Winter Flowers

At this point, we should all be aware of Moschino, the Italian luxury fashion house that mixes high style with pop art. (Who else could make Spongebob a style icon?!?) While most fashion forward folks are talking about Moschino’s 2015 Spring Ready-To-Wear collection, we at The Dm would like to direct your attention to something that has been flying under the radar, Moschino’s 2014 Cheap & Chic collection.


I don’t know about you, but one thing I hate about winter fashion is the fact that so many designers opt for drab neutral hues and solid colors for their cold weather collections, as if the absence of summer somehow means we have to give up vibrant colors, too. Moschino does not play those games. Always pushing the envelope while making classic elegance accessible, Moschino’s collection for Fall/Winter entitled “Winter Flowers” is a breath of fresh air. The items in the small collection range from $485-690, and considering that a genuine Moschino piece will usually set you back at least a thousand dollars, this price point is a steal.

Moschino is not a line you buy solely because of the brand name, if you do that then you are missing the whole point. This line is imaginative, daring, and whimsical, while still managing to be luxurious and refined. If you are looking to step your wardrobe up in a major way, an investment in one of these affordable pieces would be a great place to start. All hail the honorable Frank Moschino.

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Nikki Lynette

by Nikki Lynette

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