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vintage style

Yves Saint Laurent

vintage style

Bottega Veneta

Vintage style is once again on display on the runway. From cocoon dresses to the nostalgic mod styles of the sixties, vintage style has crept into our collective fashion consciousness to rev up our wardrobe for winter.

Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent have already unveiled their looks for this upcoming season, and many of them give a nod to the days of yore, a la Twiggy, with their trapeze dresses paired with calf-height leather boots, plaid mini-skirts and use of pointed, flat collars. Fashion experts recommend wearing these winter looks with opaque tights and warm knit sweaters.

For those who are willing to brave the cold, there’s nothing more savvy (and toasty) to wear than a classic piece like a cape. The cape is timeless and goes well with any outfit, and because of its versatile shape, it fits over any silhouette. Especially popular this season are knit creations. The chunky vintage turtleneck sweater gets a makeover with a more defined and body hugging contour, paired on the runway with soft, knit boot-cut slacks and scarves.

Forget humdrum colors and monochromatic tones.

Designers have instead opted for bright pastels, bold colors and assertive prints. The fashion house of Bottega Veneta revealed designs in deep, romantic purple, while others, like Antonio Berardi and Chloe, instead went with strong blue tones like cobalt and royal blue.

These colors made their way into another vintage style staple as well: the robe coat. A great alternative to the cape, the robe coat is a wonderful alternative for those who want a more streamlined silhouette without having to give up the insulation. It looks great over a pencil skirt, or thrown over a trapeze dress. Cinching the belt can give the waist a more defined shape or the coat can be worn loose or open.

vintage style


Textures were also big for winter 2014. Designers have chosen to go with ruffles, ruching and bows. Givenchy gave vintage style a twirl by pairing bold animal and abstract prints with classic collar shapes like jabot and bow. Fifties era shirt waist designs were modernized with snake skin while strong shoulders, reminiscent of the forties, were paired with fur trim and narrow skirts. There seems to be no defining “era,” or decade of this season, and if you’re trendy but want to play with vintage, you won’t have to be pinned down.

Winter fashion seems to be all about the silhouette, color and texture, areas that give you free reign to pick and choose which designs speak to you. You can browse seventies boho chic look, go with the swinging sixties, or if the forties is your thing, there’s room to mix and match a look that can be trendy and timeless. As this season shows, vintage doesn’t have to look dated, and in fact, winter 2014 is shaping up to be both modern and chic.

There are great options for everyone this season, and anyone can make a vintage style look their own by adding key elements and pieces to an outfit. Don’t be afraid to play with color, patterns and prints. This season calls for fashionistas to be fearless, while still holding on to classic elegance and imitable styles of bygone eras. Winter 2014 will be cold to be sure, and with the next few months being filled with snow and ice, the bright palettes and strong colors will push our hearts and minds into spring.

Winter doesn’t have to be blah. You can still be warm and stylish. So go forth and be fashionable!

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