NY Style: Layered Looks – Plaid and Polka Dot Top with Slim Jeans

layered looks

Name: Maxwell Rex
Age: 24
Fashion Entrepreneur
Twitter/IG: @runwaybella

Spotted by style guru ShawnG.

When assembling layered looks, keep the under-layers more fitted to avoid looking bulky.

One fashion trend seen around New York City during the cold weather months is layering. This look is an example of layering done right.

Mixing materials when styling this look is key, so don’t be scared to play with different fabrics and textures. Maxwell says of his comfy ensemble “I’m a big fan of layers, especially in the fall. I love basic cuts I can layer to stay warm.”

I agree layering clothing is a great way to be fashion forward but still functional, the mix of plaid and polka-dots give a fun look while still keeping you warm.

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