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The MuSt feature highlights artists with great music and great style. For this reason, FKA Twigs can not be ignored.
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Born Tahliah Debrett Barnett, FKA Twigs is an artist who doesn’t color inside the lines. I love that she genre bends, pushes beats that are esoteric and atmospheric, all while pulling no punches with mind altering visuals.

Her music has been compared to the likes of Bjork and Tricky, and with the use of snazzy R&B stylistics, she effortlessly blends trip-hop soul with the experimental landscape. FKA Twigs is no stranger to the bright lights of the entertainment biz, as she danced for many years for artists like Katy Perry and Jessie J, and even had a small role in a skit with Beyonce. But don’t expect to hear any bubble gum pop from this singer. She has stated that she strives to represent the things that make her tick and adamantly refuses the moniker of pop star. Instead her music, which is often deep, dark and transient, represents what she has called her inner “warrior.”

fka twigsShe’s often never without the slicked down “baby hair,” that has become her trade mark, along with styles like box braids and ponytails. Her fashion reflects her music, and she can often be seen wearing dreamy chiffon, trend setting futuristic pieces, and a minimalist designs reminiscent of 80’s chic. What I love about her style is that she’s not trying to be the most talked about or the best on the red carpet, she’s simply trying to be herself.

FKA Twigs is stridently blazing a trail by pushing boundaries, and her latest album LP1 is a ride that’s both lush and sensual, with some tracks displaying the sparse and trippy sentimentality that she’s quickly becoming known for. With tracks like “Hours,” and “Two Weeks,” FKA Twigs is set to become a stand out among her more mainstream counterparts.

Her videos are not quite formulaic, so it is nearly impossible to guess what she will come up with next. In “Pendulum,” the imagery of bondage is set alongside her light, smooth and airy vocals; intimating a message of unrequited love and trying desperately to keep an identity in a relationship that’s clearly one-sided.

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Prior to LP1, her other project EP2, boasted such gems as “How’s That,” and “Papi Pacify,” songs that may leave some audiophiles divided, though will provide plenty of fodder for thought and deep introspection.


Watch: Pendulum from LP1 available on iTunes

She makes no apologies for how she has designed her music or her image, and instead freely admits that her sound isn’t for everyone and that she isn’t quite main-stream. And though she is dating Robert Pattinson (a la “Twilight,” fame) she doesn’t seem interested in capitalizing off the ensuing furor of her relationship (that briefly caused a twitter flap when Twi-hards sent her racist tweets and messages).

FKA Twigs is establishing her own brand with her recent performance on Jimmy Kimmel live and a rigorous tour that kicked off here in the states last November. She’ll be finishing up a European and Australian tour in June. She’s showing us that she’s not only willing to put in the work, but with her latest ad with Google glass, she’s pushing the underground to the fore. In the ad, her exploration of vogue, femme, wacking, and other styles prove that she understands what’s hot and groundbreaking. FKA Twigs is definitely an artist to watch.

Watch: Two Weeks from LP1 available on iTunes

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