Music + Style = She’s Ryan

shes ryan

The MuSt feature highlights artists with great music and great style. For this reason, SIR, also known as She’s Ryan, can not be denied.

shes ryan
With a bold voice and an eclectic look that turns heads, She’s Ryan is a force to be reckoned with. Juggling the duties of a print model, actress, and singer is no small feat, but SIR’s momentum over the past few years is proof that she is doing something right. This Brooklyn born beauty takes pride in her personal style and big city roots, choosing to be unique and experimental instead of gimmicky in a time when so many other’s opt to play it safe.

With a degree from Pratt Institute in graphic design and communications, She’s Ryan carefully crafts her image to suit her personality. The camera loves her, but her business savvy and work ethic make her more than just another model-turned-singer. A published print model with features in Inked Magazine and The Source behind her, She’s Ryan is embraced by New York who recognized her as a star long before the media ever did. Check out some of her music below and get familiar with Brooklyn’s up and coming bombshell She’s Ryan.

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