Joy Villa: The Woman Who Stole the Grammys Show

At the 57th Grammy Awards, there were plenty of fabulous fashion moments–Ariana Grande’s white and silver dress, Katy Perry’s white dress and purple hair, Prince’s 1970’s throwback outfit, and Kim K’s gold and shiny sexy bathrobe. Many other celebrities lit up the show and social media with their memorable style, Lady Gaga, who was surprisingly  toned, yet Marilyn Monroe sultry, or Rihanna and her pink dress that could probably be seen from space, but there was one person who caused a stir on a red carpet–Joy Villa, the woman who wore a dress made of orange construction fencing

 Yes, you read that correctly.

joy villa

Joy Villa and Kelly Osbourne

Joy’s dress was created by San Diego designer Andre Soriano. The actress and singer strutted the red carpet in construction material with matching hair accessory and moments later, all eyes (and paparazzi) were on her.

Even after she walked off the red carpet, she caught the attention of Kelly Osbourne, one of the hosts of E!’s Fashion Police. Who looks like she definitely had an opinion about it.

Her dress was the talk of many blogs and fashion critics (being on both best and worst dressed lists), and caused a bit of a traffic jam inside the Staples Center before the show even began.

I was there, and let me tell you, people were asking for pictures with her left and right. She was so gracious to everyone, so I requested to take a photo with eccentric diva. Might I add, we both look good! Especially me in my Michael Kors suit.

joy villa If you think Joy is just another attention seeking, unknown girl in the industry, you are wrong!

Joy Villa has starred in some big budget films including 2012’s Into the Woods, has been seen at numerous parties during Grammy weekend, including the Roc Nation party with Roc Nation artist, Willow Smithand has released an EP entitled I Make The Static where her Pop/Rock sound perfectly matches up with her vintage-loving, Lady Gaga/Nicki Minaj-esque style, .

With that in mind, I’m starting to think the orange construction fence dress was her introduction to the music industry and her introduction clearly says “I am Joy Villa, and I am here to raise hell and give you some kick ass music in the process”.

By the end of the night, Joy Villa was joke of every meme and clickbait article on the web, and like a true diva she took it in stride, even reposting a few of those memes on her own Instagram account.



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