Cross Colours: Crossing Back Into Fashion

Cross_Colors, cross coloursIf you remember the late 80’s or early 90’s, you’ll remember how hip-hop heavily influenced fashion. So much, that many hip-hop clothing lines began to emerge and gain rapid popularity. One clothing line that was a 90’s staple was Cross Colours, a line that branded itself as “clothing without prejudice.”

The line grew in popularity with their positive, pro-black, slogans and its celebrity following including everyone from Mark Walberg (then known as Marky Mark) to Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, to the biggest selling American girl group, TLC. Cross Colours somewhat fizzled in the mid 90’s due to the bankruptcy of one of its largest retailers and legal troubles with the trademark, but in the last year they have regained control of the brand and the trademark.

This past summer, Cross Colours teamed up with The Hundreds to release some special edition items. The partnering has become a hot topic among fashion bloggers, but that’s not all. It has been announced that Cross Colours will officially come back.

Yes, you read that correctly!

The 90’s hip-hop clothing line is coming back this fall. Fashion enthusiasts, hip-hop lovers, and 90’s lovers in general are excited about what’s to come for Cross Colours as it rekindles its brand at an interesting time in society. With current events such as the Mike Brown incident and Ferguson’s reaction, the growing distaste of cultural appropriation, and ratchet television, now is the perfect timing for a brand such as Cross Colours to reemerge and reinforce positive messages to the black community.

Cross Colours is more than a clothing line, it’s a lifestyle brand that encourages others to give back and support one another, a message that can apply to everyone.

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Kelsey Stone

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