Conquer the World… One Shoe at a Time

conquer the world

Supposedly, the fabulous Marilyn Monroe said this once upon a time. Whether she did or didn’t, however, we can all agree that nothing speaks truer than this statement. Let’s be real: shoes are powerful. A pair of shoes can not only complete an entire outfit, but also change the person wearing them.

Flip flops transform you into a summer beach babe–instantly making you crave the sand between your toes, the scent of salt in the air. Coconuts, sunglasses, and half-naked cuties, oh my! Flip flops are also the most universal shoe on the planet; they can be worn with just about any outfit. Well, at least I’ve seen them worn with just about any outfit; sometimes it just doesn’t take the cake.


Wedges can now put you into TWO different moods: if we’re talking sandaled wedges paired with floral or bright color prints, you’ll feel flirty; if you have some new wedged booties or sneakers, you’re a fashionista, a badass, not scared of defying everything you once believed in, because girl, you look fierce.

My favorite, booties, lend themselves to the nonchalant, the coffee drinkers, the motorbike riders, the too-hipster-to-be-hipster’ed; a single pair can be worn with so many different outfits, a closet full of options and personalities, all ending with an “ahhh… comfort, cute, and classy.” Seriously. Name one outfit booties don’t pair with. I’m waiting.

Another favorite that is definitely hitting up the scene: sneakers. Fitness fanatics need cute shoes, too! Nowadays there are so many types of sneakers to choose from, whether you’re a long distance runner, an athlete, or my newest obsession: a Sneakerhead. Not sure what a Sneakerhead is? Educate yourself.

Finally, the pièce de résistance: heels. Do you know how many different types of heels there are? SO MANY! All three types above can come in a heel (wedges are technically heels, but we’re not getting into that. Just humor me.) The best heels, though, are the ones that give you power. The right pair of heels — whether they’re Louboutin or from Target — can make you feel invincible. Your head is held higher, the sound of your steps echo on the path of your adventure, and the swish of your hips gives you an aura of “Yeah, you’d like to, wouldn’t you?” Even better? The spike of your heel will hurt like a bitch if someone thinks they can actually touch you without your permission.

With all of this in mind, I give you ten songs to listen to while shopping for your next personality, ahem, I mean shoes. A mix of pop, rap, hip-hop and dance, you’re bound to feel like Carrie Bradshaw walking into a boutique in search of your next lover, best friend, or closest confidant.

The world is yours, ladies: conquer it.

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by Rachel Fair

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