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Tumblr is probably my favorite little corner of the World Wide Web; it’s full of artists, creators, dreamers — the kind of people who turn nothing into something. Wild thoughts and ideas are thrown around and commented upon, reblogged thousands of times; tags created to weave a single person’s entire thought process on a single photo. For me, tumblr has been an escape, and when I came across this post, an inspiration and introduction to Comfort Punk:

 Comfort Punk


Growing up, we’re given labels: prep, goth, punk, geek, etc., but over the years, I’ve found that a lot of this fades into style choices, labels being woven into one another as people, and fashion, continue to grow. At the same time, labels are becoming more and more evidently used on formats such as tumblr, as people connect themselves to fandoms, gender and sexual orientation, and political movements.

Due to this, I’ve decided to name a new label for a genre of style that I didn’t exactly create (please, the 90’s were all over this one).

Comfort Punk.

Who says punk rockers can’t sport roses? What’s sexier than a mix of leather and lace? Soft sweaters, spiky purses, and an infinite number of boots. Oh my! Black as night nails paired with delicate rings and soft skirts. Why can’t punk rock be a little sweet? 

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This idea of a “feminine punk” has been around for a while, and many fashion magazines have done random segments on it in the spring/summer seasons; pairing a leather jackets with a floral dress was a go-to staple for music festival scene a year or two ago. Multiple headlining celebrities have dabbled in their moments of sweet badassery, ranging from Gwen Stefani, the queen of mainstream pretty punk, to her millennial counterpart, Hayley Williams. Demi Lovato has been rocking some form of Feminine Rocker since her first album dropped back in 2008. Universally Flawless in all Fashion icons, Beyonce and Rihanna have also taken action in what I’ve deemed Comfort Punk. 

Interest in taking this look for a spin? Check out our Comfort Punk pinterest board.

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