Chicago Style: White blazer and top with coral skirt

boho look

Name: Brit Woollard
Photographer/ Musician/ Renaissance Woman
Twitter/Instagram: @britwoollard

Spotted by Nikki Lynette.

An artsy look is timeless and unique, ignoring current trends for a look that makes a statement without saying a word. 

Originality is a must for any artsy look like this, which means matching coordinates simply won’t do. Boho artist looks are created by avoiding mass-manufactured, cookie-cutter outfits, opting instead for interesting and unique pieces.

This look is the perfect example of cultivated artsy bohemian style. A boho-chic ensemble has a mellow boldness that is laid back enough to work for almost any occasion. Make Brit’s easygoing boho spirit your own by mixing pieces from multiple eras with separates that have contrasting colors and textures. A long, flowing skirt is the perfect companion to a structured blazer and draping top. Long beaded necklaces and chunky heels complete the look. Too cute!

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Nikki Lynette

by Nikki Lynette

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