Joliet Style: Red cropped tee with leggings and sneaks


Name: Diamond Brass
Age: 16

Spotted by Nikki Lynette.

When comfort is key but sweats just won’t do, go for a sporty look. The most important thing about rocking the sporty chic look is to mix and match between sporty and chic. 

When it comes to casual style, the laid back ladies of small-town Joliet like to keep it comfy. This sporty ensemble is the perfect cheat for lazy day dressing. The silhouettes are a little looser, but depending on how you style them they can be just as cute as any ensemble in your closet… but way more comfortable.

Draw inspiration from Diamond’s dancer friendly look by choosing a cropped tee that gives you plenty of room to move your body. For many of us, a crop top is probably the most anxiety enducing summer wardrobe staple, but a loose one like this can work for any body type. Athletic leggings that hug your curves with a flannel tied around the waist is a sassy way to add style to your activewear. A pair of statement making matching sneaks complete this cozy look.

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Nikki Lynette

by Nikki Lynette

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