Chicago Style: Red and white pullover with ripped jeans and sneakers

chicago style

Name: Runway Bella
Twitter/IG: @maxwellrex8

Spotted by The DM’s founder, Nikki Lynette. 

What I love about Bella’s style is despite having a model’s figure, she doesn’t dress just to be sexy. She definitely knows how to work a more sultry look, but despite that fact Bella opts to dress for comfort. And not in a lazy way (as so many of us are tempted to do during winter) but in a “comfy-in-my-own-skin” kinda way.

Staying adorable in Chicago’s harsh weather can be tough, but a sweater, jeans, and sneakers can be an easy way to stay toasty and fashionable. I like the way Bella matched this look with a red lip, taking it from tomboyish to playful. Draw inspiration from this look if you prefer casual style but like to look cute and put together, too.

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