Celeb Style: White Blazer with Vibrant Orange Pant

floral topHow cute is this?!? Chrissy Teigen’s Cannes yacht party look can easily be made casual by choosing a bright orange pant in a more durable fabric.

A white blazer is one of the most versatile closet staples, especially for summer, with many ways to wear it in almost any environment. This blazer and bandeau combo are super chic and classy, but the addition of a brightly colored orange pant keeps the look playful and bold.

The best thing about rocking blazers is that they can instantly change the entire tone of your outfit to perfectly suit the occasion. This ensemble is a great way to show off a bold choice in color by pairing the bright orange pant with the neutral white jacket and bandeau.

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Nikki Lynette

by Nikki Lynette

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