Celeb Style: T-shirt with Velvet Mini-skirt and Faux Fur Coat

faux fur

Charlie XCX is never afraid to try a risky look. This 90s inspired ensemble includes a faux fur coat, retro animal print tee, a velvet black mini, fishnets, white ankle socks, and Mary Jane styled chunky pumps.

This look combines several different elements of 90s style, including the platform shoes that pay homage to the 70s, an edgy grunge-era t-shirt, and a velvet mini-skirt that looks like it’s straight out of the movie “The Craft.

For the record–If you’ve never rocked fake fur before, now is the time to start! Not only is faux fur currently in style, but it’s easy to clean, easy to store, and is available in a variety of crazy colors and patterns, which can make it much more fun and more affordable than wearing the real thing.

Needless to say, this look is only suitable for daring fashion lovers, but it’s an outfit that pretty much guarantees that you will stand out from the crowd.

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