Is Cara Delevingne the New Kate Moss?

Kate and CaraKate Moss took the fashion scene by storm in the early 90’s, ushering in the heroine chic, a look that emphasized an emaciated rock star edge instead of the more voluptuous, wholesome girls next door look of Cindy Crawford and Elle McPherson. 20 years later, another British rising star, Cara Delevingne, has stunned the fashion world with her angelic face and edgy photo shoots. With girls all over the world emulating her style, and a constantly growing fan base, many have to wonder, is the 22 year old the new Kate Moss?

Cara DelevingneThere are the easy comparisons: they’re both blonde, British, famous for their waifish figures and edgy, rocker girl bone structure, yet they know how to put their fascinating look to commercial use. They’ve both appeared in ads for H&M, TopShop, and Burberry (in which Kate and Cara even appeared in a campaign together). But outside of modeling and their physical similarities, Kate and Cara have taken opportunities to create other ventures. They have both dabbled in acting and music, Cara sings and plays the drums and Kate has lent her vocals in a number of songs and starred in multiple music videos, including the White Stripes “I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself”. Though Kate has the upper hand with her business-savvy and philanthropy. She has her own line of perfumes, has designed a collection for TopShop and is involved with charities dedicated to AIDS and Cancer research.

Kate and CaraThat’s not to say Cara doesn’t have the potential to have the diverse career that Kate has had, but she does have a pretty good start. That being said, Cara Delevingne is the new “It” girl and definitely this generation’s Kate Moss. With her rocker image and sophisticated, yet artsy confidence, I believe she has the potential to rock the fashion industry and continue to build from Kate Moss’s career blueprint. We’re interested to see where Cara’s career is in 20 years.

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Kelsey Stone

by Kelsey Stone

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