10 Online Boutiques You Should Know Already

While online shopping is becoming more and more popular, many start-up fashion companies have had great success growing their brands on the internet. This has allowed many clothing lines to get creative with their marketing and saves customers the struggle of hunting down that perfect new piece to add to their wardrobe. Checkout our list of ten boutiques that you definitely should have known about already. Familiarize yourself, you don’t wanna be the last one on the bandwagon.

Laura Taka Taka

If you are looking for a clothing brand that’s reminiscent of the artistic freedom of Lady Gaga and the edgy, carefree flair of Rihanna, look no futher. Owned  by Laura Thapthimkuna who’s stint on Rihanna’s show “Styled to Rock” earned her accolades from not only Pharrell, but an entire community of indie fashion lovers, her elaborate pieces will make you stand out. With art and science as her two major influences, Laura Taka Taka is on a mission to influence the art and fashion world one garment at a time.


Live Astro

From bold prints to the mixture of hip hop and 90’s grunge influence, this is definitely not a store to look over. This line, which was founded in the heart of Brooklyn, currently thrives in a minimalistic but vibrant store in Los Angeles. Live Astro does a great job of walking the fine line between being on trend and ahead of the curve, with a collection of unisex pieces that put quality first.


Afri Tribe

According to Afri Tribe’s creator, Ayo O, his brand is more than street wear and fashion. This is a clothing line about symbolism, culture and tradition. The goal of the brand is to the shed a positive light on African Americans by showcasing their rich heritage. The online store has received a lot of underground recognition and a growing following on Instagram.


Liv + Work

From homewares to selfware, Liv + Work puts their hardwork and handy skills to good use… literally. Everything sold on this website is handmade with materials sourced from American companies. And did I mention that her stuff is really cute? This company may be giving American Apparel and Urban Outfitters a run for their money. Be on the look out!

liv work


“Liberation on my mind, LiberNation on my body!” This East Coast clothing boutique is the handcrafted apparel line of Sancopha League, a group dedicated to sparking education, creativity, and self-love to underprivileged youth on a national level. Their clothes range from petite sizes to sizes appropriate for plus size women, promoting body positivity in a major way.



This upscale urban unisex line based in Chicago has been worn by celebs like Chris Brown, Macklemore, and Justin Bieber, but fortunately their pieces are still quite affordable. Iridium steers away from most trends, their collection tends to push the limits of what’s being done in fashion. They always have something unique and timeless to add to your wardrobe.



The West Coast store sees themselves and their customers as team players who create and build their brand together. Inspired by throwback jerseys and the sports era, Varsity Black brings you top notch sporty apparel that will definitely help you stand out.


TCK Clothing

Based in Chicago, Illinois, the hip hop/urban inspired clothing line is branded around Chicago pride and art. Some of their most popular items have been the women’s cropped hoodie and the Bears Crewneck, recreated with the TCK logo on it. The store is currently taking donations with hopes to expand, and judging by the clothes, the store would most likely be one stylish place to hang out in.


Dark Art Clothing

Started by two friends in the Netherlands, Dark Art is made for people who want to be different and stand out. While most of the their items are in black, it does set a mood for the cool, mysterious, and seductive person in all of us. This clothing line isn’t for the preppy and cheerful, more for the dark and edgy. Shipping is available to other countries, including the US.


SOLID Apparel

Based in LA, is dedicated to promoting a quality lifestyle and giving back to the community through the creation of cool clothing that features an inspiring message. Though they might not have a vast collection of pieces, SOLID brand is unique in that a percentage of all sales go directly towards providing free lunch and scholarships for underprivileged youth in Los Angeles.

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