Auston Björkman: A New Transition In Fashion

Auston Björkman

Sir New York has emerged as one of the most sought after lines in the high-end fashion. The rising star behind the line, Auston Björkman, is making fashion history by his presence alone. In an industry built on innovation and creativity, there’s something that even the fashion industry hasn’t shed light on. Auston Björkman wasn’t born the person you see today. He was born female in the simple town of Montpelier, Vermont, which makes Auston Björkman the first openly transgender designer in the high-end fashion industry.

While Auston is a part of the LGBTQIA community, Sir New York isn’t tailored to be gender specific. According to an interview with the Huffington Post, Björkman wants all genders and all people to wear his clothes since everyone wears menswear anyway. Björkman’s clothing line has upheld that promise. Models, celebrities, and taste-makers of every back ground have worn Björkman’s designs. From Shaun Ross to hip hop artist A$AP Rocky to Detox from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Sir New York is a clothing line designed with no boundaries. According to Björkman, fashion is accustomed to gender bending and has historically been open to all kinds of gender expression.

Sir New York is one the biggest success stories this year, but all the praise comes from the humble beginnings of a designer who created his company through crowd funding. Yes, Sir New York began with a Kickstarter campaign, something I found inspiring and a lesson we can all learn from. The lesson is that there are ways to achieve your dreams and to not be afraid to branch out in order to expose your talents.

The fashion industry has helped shaped achievements of those who are breaking the standards of beauty, and of society in general. While there have been achievements in the LGBTQIA community, there is still much to be done. I see Auston Björkman’s stepping into fashion as a symbol of our society overcoming transphobia and accepting all LGBTQIA identities.

Check out some designs from Sir New York below!

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