5 Wardrobe Upgrades for Men

We’d like to think appearances don’t really matter, but in the real world, what you’re wearing speaks volumes before you ever say “Hello.”

As men’s fashion becomes more nuanced and moves beyond just simple jeans and shirts and suits and ties, it’s important to have a few closet staples to polish your look. Here are five simple and inexpensive wardrobe upgrades for men to give you an edge over everyone else in the room.

1. The Hat
Wardrobe Upgrades for Men
The right hat can be the perfect complement to your ensemble. We have moved past the street official fitted snap backs and onto the smart brim. Try a simple newsboy hat for a more polished look or the more exaggerated wide brim fedora like Pharrell’s designed by Vivienne Westwood and hat maker Nick Fouquet, for something a little more fun.
2. The Overcoat
Wardrobe Upgrades for Men
Most of us have seen old man winter already setting up residence, which means you may be in the need of something more streamline and current to go over your suit and scarf than that tired trench or pea coat. Neoprene is being used by everyone from Alexander Wang to Hood By Air for jackets and crew necks. It’s a great material often used in scuba gear that retains warmth and is water repellent. A simple extended black hooded neoprene jacket can be worn to work, to the bar, or just to walk the dog. You’ll look cool while staying warm and dry.

3. The Black Boot
Wardrobe Upgrades for Men
Black goes with almost anything in your closet and high top all black boots are a necessity. Whether it’s your basic 6″ Timberland, Doc Martins, or something a little more fancy, they can be paired with a slim fitting jean, pant, or jogger. Your sneakers are fine for the street, but the black boot says you mean business.
4. The Cardigan
Wardrobe Upgrades for Men
Having one or two good cardigans in your wardrobe rotation will give you a chance to finally wash your favorite hoodie and thankfully many of the new cardigan styles this winter have hoods, just in case you were having some separation anxiety while your hoodie is in the laundry. Stick with simple solid colors for a casual look, or try Aztec prints for an edgier statement. They’re great for layering with a u-bottom T or a denim shirt.

5. Find a Good Tailor
Wardrobe Upgrades for Men

We all have that one favorite item in our closet that doesn’t fit perfectly. Whether it’s a pair of designer jeans you found on sale or a collared shirt the sleeves with sleeves that are slightly too long, a good tailor can breathe new life into an old wardrobe and a proper fit is the key to well put together look. Check yelp reviews for a quality seamstress or tailor that does alterations at a reasonable price. Take one or two items in as a trial run before making a final decision.

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