Tatted Uprising: J. Michael Kent

J. Michael Kent
J. Michael Kent is a NYC based male model with naturally handsome good looks and a talent for being extremely versatile.

I recently caught up with him and chatted about his career and being such an in demand, versatile model. He has been on the scene for 3 years and I have watched his portfolio expand tremendously. He can easily model high fashion today and horror and gore tomorrow. While his perfectly sculpted body is covered in ink, he doesn’t see himself as just an alternative model. He is a creative person who has his eyes set on pushing the limits of what he can do. Who doesn’t like an inked man up for a challenge?

While Kent embraces his tattoos, he did admit to me that being unique may have cost him some work. Instead of becoming discouraged, he has remained persistent and allows his personality to quickly win over anyone who might feel hesitant about hiring a tattooed model. Plus, his skill at knowing how to convey various emotions on cue doesn’t hurt either. You can see his charming professionalism transcend through his photos, and if you normally don’t like your models inked, Kent knows how to make you a fan.


J. Michael Kent as Superman

It is rare to see models step outside the norm and aim to bring their personal interests and hobbies into their work.

For Kent, this is where he gets to be the most creative and bring his love for comics and horror to life as an avid cosplayer. He tells me his cosplay shoots are the most fun and I can see why! His cosplay images are probably my personal favorite, as I always find myself getting lost in the amount of detail he puts into these shoots. He has portrayed Superman, Commissioner Gordon, Patrick Bateman (American Psycho), and Jason Voorhies (Friday the 13th). He even made a hot Dexter at this year’s NYC ComicCon. According to Kent, this is only the beginning.

While this hot, tattooed, cosplayer can definitely wear a suit and tie, his personal taste leans more towards a rugged casual look. His must have pieces are sunglasses and a nice pair of boots. Being as versatile as he is, I am sure that look is just a billboard in the making for him.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/J.Michael.Kent
Ello: https://ello.co/officialjmichaelkent
Instagram: @officialjmichaelkent
Tumblr: http://jmichaelkent.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JMichaelKent
KIK: JMichaelKent


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