Feature Neoprene Hoodied Poncho


Iridium Neoprene, hooded poncho, the focal point of the piece is the over-sized hood and its exaggerated proportions. In addition, the piece also includes our signature Feature Iridium Print.

Feature Neoprene Hoodied Poncho from Iridium Clothing Company.


Designed for a nice oversized fit.

2 zippers on the side

one size fit all

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Iridium Clothing Company

Founded in 2008, Designes are Created in our Labs in Chicago by Process of Thinking Science (Thinking intelligently.) Iridium is a Chicago- based boutique Life-Style Brand that specializes in unique design outcomes for clothing and accessories . Working with a wide range of across all disciplines, we pride ourselves on our exceptional attention to detail and the unique process to each and every one of our Designs . We understand the importance of relationships and are committed to delivering our ideas and design at the highest possible quality. We are driven by our slogan “Never lose the Passion to Go Platinum."

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Weight 2.0 lbs