Graphene Ice Crystal Pendant


Graphene: a carbon-lattice that forms hexagons:
Pictured: purple option #1 (I also have amethyst which is darker).

Graphene describes the “base layer” of 3mm light blue acrylic round beads, woven with triangle weave, into a net of 7 'circles'. That small beaded net is then embellished with 15/0 seed beads in such a way that the base layer is not easily seen, then reinforced so that the embellishment beads are set in place, forming a daisy-like structure. Then it is accented with 5mm Czech rondelle crystals, to make it even more beautiful.

Graphene Ice Crystal Pendant from Designs by Onye.

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Designs By Onye

Onye Ndika crafts unique handmade artisan jewelry inspired by math & molecules. Her handcrafted pieces are not mass produced, ensuring that each item will have individual differences in size, shape and color that make it entirely one of a kind. All pieces from the collection are backed by a lifetime warranty by the designer.

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