In defense of the # Selfie Syndrome

So recently, there was a big debate about the psychological ramifications of people who indulge (or overindulge) in the act of taking — and posting — selfies.

When it comes to Social Media, there is a gamut of so-called disorders one could diagnose many online offenders with. Since we are so quick to coin new terms when it comes to these disorders (real or fictional) here are a few I have encountered:

selfieInternet thugs with their “Online Courage Disorder.” Cyber bullies. Trolls. Keyboard gangstas. No matter what you call them, nothing could possibly make it sound less bitch-assed. This disorder seems to magically delude individuals sitting behind computer screens into thinking they have grown a pair of balls. Saying things they could never do if the person were standing in their face. This by far is one of more severe disorders in the DSM-IV-OF (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of Online Fuckery).

selfiesOr how about the “Foodpornophiles” who can’t seem to eat so much as a potato chip without posting it for the world to see?

“Lunch time! #lunch #time #nomnomnom #delicious #burger #fries #burgerandfries #fatty #healthyeatting #health #healthiswealth #jeally #whyyoumad #idgaf”

We get it, you like food. And that’s cool, but it also comes across as you being basic and showing us all that you have never been anywhere nice to eat.

selfieMaybe we should seek to help the masses suffering from the epidemic of chronic “Glued to my Phone Syndrome” (you know who you are). These poor drones can’t even enjoy a party or evening out with their friends because they are compelled to sit in silence next to one another tweeting about how much fun they are having. I can’t tell.

The above mentioned, along with other soon-to-be invented online disorders, can be attributed to the over use of social media. So with all the online disorders out there, I don’t quite understand the logic behind the ongoing attack on selfies.

Some would say that those who constantly post selfies do it for attention (or likes) or they are insecure and looking for the approval of others and deep down inside have little self-esteem and self-worth. Well I say HOGWASH! There will always be people who do things for that kind of attention (i.e. the naked bathroom thirst trap selfie), but those are also the same people who do that kind of stuff in real life as well. To say that the selfie is a direct reflection of that need for attention is complete and utter foolishness. Those people already had underlying issues with their self-esteem and self-worth before they even downloaded that Instagram app! People are simply looking for new things to rename good old-fashioned insecurity. Do I like selfies? Hell yeah! How else am I to capture my awesomeness and share it with the world through a perfect filter *insert pseudo-sarcastic tone*. But seriously, when I post a selfie I’m expressing how I may be feeling in that moment. It’s not my fault I’m amazing and adorable, or as my friend Nikki Lynette would say “Everybody loves me. Nobodies hate me”.

I wonder if certain selfie-haters take into consideration that some people get lots of likes because people actually know them in real life. They are good friends, and help or inspire others to live better lives. Personally, I think that there are more insecure and unhappy selfie-hating people in the world than those who are happy. I believe these Miserable Minions have simply banded together under the “Attack the Selfie Crew” Act. When it comes to people saying that selfies are bad, I will always argue the opposite. I would question why it is viewed as a form of self hate opposed to self love. I would challenge the selfie-hater to identify why someone else taking pictures of themselves would make them so vehemently uncomfortable. I mean c’mon, just keep scrolling or unfollow.

The fact is, in this digital age, people prefer pictures. Pictures say more than words. They are expressive and mean different things to those who post as well as view them. Let’s consider that before we decide to give someone a complex based off of our own experiences and interpretations. You just might be wrong.

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Neffer Kerr

by Neffer Kerr

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