She Gave Me a Pen: Screw Valentine’s Day

screw valentine's day

Not all of us are planning romantic Valentine’s day events. Some of us are at home, eating our single feelings with our best guys, Ben and Jerry, and randomly shouting at our Netflix suggestions, “SCREW VALENTINE’S DAY!”

When I’m heartbroken, I go to three specific movies to make me feel better:

  • Moulin Rouge, because there’s nothing like angry singing, getting drunk, and crying your freaking eyes out while shouting into the void, “Why, though? Why’s it gotta be like that?”
  • Never Been Kissed, because it’s my favorite movie, I am Josie Grosie, and the soundtrack really meshes with the high’s and low’s of my emotions on a regular day;
  • Say Anything, because Lloyd Dobler is my dream guy and there’s something really poetic about the thought “You probably got it all figured out, Corey. If you start out depressed, everything’s kind of a pleasant surprise.”


 Now that is a champion of the Anti-Valentine’s Day life. 

63 songsCorey Flood, Lloyd Dobler’s constantly angry best friend, spends parties in the corner with a guitar and angry words for her ex-boyfriend, Joe. She’s constantly talking smack on love and relationships, writing songs about pain, and just overall being the poster child for Anti-Valentine’s; in fact, for a movie known as one of the great love story’s of the ‘80’s, it’s actually filled with an array of “Anti-Love” ideas, all of which I’m presenting you to commiserate with.

So if you’re in the mood of flipping the bird to Valentine’s Day, this mix is for you. I consider it an anti-love letter to all fellow heartbroken souls; to the cynical, the scoffers, and peeps who sit on curbs saying “Dude, I don’t even feel that way about my car, man” when it comes to declarations of love.


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