Battle of the Valentine’s Day Mixtape

For all you lovers out there, Valentine’s Day is about excitement, fun, and maybe even a bit of romance. Whether you’ve already met that special someone or you’re waiting in the wings, here’s a Valentine’s Day mixtape of sexy songs to get you in the right mood. Turn the music up and enjoy!


“I Love U,”-Matt Legrand: I’m starting this list with this cute, catchy pop tune. This is great song to play while you’re getting ready for your romantic evening out on the town.

“Pagan Poetry,”-Bjork: She may have worn a swan to an awards show (not her greatest fashion moment, for sure), but she does know a thing or two about love. Coupled with the fact that the video is basically her getting it on with her then paramour Matthew Barney, (don’t get too excited, the visuals are distorted) and was ultimately banned from MTV, this song’s an ode to sensuality.

“Your Love is King,” -Sade: Hailed as one of the defining love songs of the 80’s, this song originally appeared on Sade’s 1984 album “Diamond Life.” Hard to believe it’s been three decades since its release, but her smooth vocals still inspire lovers everywhere.

“All I need,”-Method Man Feat. Mary J. Blige: This song was an anthem back in the day. Method Man is hardly your standard sweater wearing accountant, but with his verve and lyricism and Blige singing the chorus, it’s no wonder this song is a hip hop classic.

“Moments in Love,” -Art of Noise: If you’re planning on a romantic Valentine’s Day and need to put a song on repeat, yeah….this would be the one.

“Grandloves,”-Purity Ring: With an electro take on love, longing, and romance, and featuring “Young Magic,” this song is definitely worth a listen.

“Primetime,”-Janelle Monae: There’s Janelle Monae AND Miguel??? Be still my heart!

“Sexual Healing,”-Marvin Gaye: What Valentine’s Day mixtape could be complete without the original crooner Marvin Gaye? This classic and iconic song definitely stands the test of time.

“Dreams,”-The Cranberries: This song help to define the 90’s, and it also happened to be an awesome love song.

“Glycerine”-Bush: Singer Gavin Rossdale made this song a hit during its release and it’s still a great song today.

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