5 Free Fitness Apps You Need Now

Want that summer body, but it’s too cold to exercise outside? Well thank goodness for smart phone apps! Here are 5 free popular fitness apps that are totally worth it. Say good bye to your food belly, and hello to your new workout sneakers!

Screenshot 2014-11-08 19.05.571. Daily Ab Workout: You don’t even need to pay for a personal trainer! This app gives you a choice on whatever core exercise you want to do. It is a 5 to 10 minute run through of an intense ab-sculpting workout. By doing this you will strengthen your abs and flatten your tummy. 5 minutes of a complete exercise will guide you through 10 exercises to engage your abdominal muscles by pulling in your belly button toward your spine and help you have a successful workout.

Screenshot 2014-11-08 18.58.092. Personal Workout: This app will help you lose weight and tone your muscles. This workout will allow you to follow your personal instructor along with real-time video workouts. These exercises specifically last from 12 to 45 minutes. While starting with this app, start with 12 minutes and work your way up to 45!

Screenshot 2014-11-08 18.56.503. BeFit Lite:Food is a major factor in your fitness regime. BeFit Lite is a 100% free app that gives you 7000+ nutrition facts. No internet connection is required for logging on to this app. Have fun, be fit, and never worry about your diet again!

Screenshot 2014-11-08 19.05.364. DivaFit Lite: You can even have an exotic workout and still have fun! With DivaFit Lite you will watch 11 videos of spins, combo spins, tricks, etc. Using this app may require you to invest in a  stripper pole since it will even teach you how to pole dance. DivaFit believes that pole dancing is an “empowering workout.” If you are anxious about executing the moves right, it will give you tips on how to stay safe. Practice makes perfect! Track your progress and let’s get spinning!

Screenshot 2014-11-08 19.04.115. RunKeeper: For those who jog or want to run marathon, this one’s for you! This app allows you to keep updated with your runs, walks, and bike rides. By doing this you will be connected to a GPS that will track your every move. RunKeeper allows you to keep in touch with your friends too, so you can share your achievements with each other

Working out will exhaust you, but the results will be worth it. Instead of plopping down on the couch after a workout, walk it out!

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Tarrah Gibbons

by Tarrah Gibbons

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