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The 1975

Indie rock band, The 1975 has been making a name for themselves in the mainstream with their hit single “Chocolate.” They toured the United States this fall and have upcoming tour dates in Australia and parts of Asia.

The 1975 have released 4 EPs, and in September of 2013, released their self-titled album, which debuted at number one on the UK album charts. They have have a sound that is reminiscent of 80s pop music with a little mix of 90s goth and grunge. It’s music for every occasion. Perfect for when you’re lounging around your apartment or when you have just come home from work. It’s the soundtrack to drinking with a couple of close friends. It’s music for lovemaking, breakups, and every situation in between. Putting their album on my record player (yes, I buy vinyl) is the most relaxing experience and helps me clear my head.

Their style is fairly monotone and minimalist: A lot of black and white, casual boots, leather jackets, and often-messy hair. You’re not going to expect them to come on stage and sing upbeat top 40 dance hits. If you met lead singer, Matty Healy, on the street you would definitely expect him to sing 80s influenced indie rock music. His simple, yet grungy look makes you wonder if his style came before his music, or his music is what led to his style.

The half buttoned, printed shirts Matty wears pays tribute to the incredibly chill, yet upbeat melodies infused with guitars and synth keyboard progressions. They keep it simple and it doesn’t take away from their stage presence. If anything, it adds to the experience – which is absolutely incredible.

Check out more of The 1975 on their Facebook and Twitter.

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