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Sex on Fifth Avenue is a weekly party series brought to you by Kayvond Zand and held at The Museum of Sex in NYC. It’s a beautifully wicked affair that breathes life into the dying, gentrified old man NYC has become.  

Kayvon and company have had their share of battles with their Sex on Fifth Avenue parties, holding it at a venue last year where the neighborhood folk publicly complained about the “freaks” they saw walking the streets and the noise coming from the club. Perhaps it was all for the best, because Sex on Fifth Avenue has found a perfect new home for their debauchery at The Museum of Sex.

Kayvon Zand, is a Persian-American pop musician and is most known for his controversial live performances. His ability to capture an audience transcended into his nightlife persona, and before long, the demand to be a part of his fabulous world grew. He was packing out venues and it’s not hard to see why. I have attended several of his events and it’s like being transported into a glamorous gothic Narnia, where time does not exist. Kayvon is like my Jareth The Goblin King, and I finally get to go to the Labrinyth. Something that people like Jennifer Connelly’s Sarah would never be able to appreciate.

The scene Kayvon and company created is a refreshing one where personal style explodes across the dance floor. Truly reminiscent of a time that hasn’t really been captured since the 80’s/90’s Kid Club days in NYC. Kayvon is always creative with his fashion and once told me his look embodies a cross between Dead Elvis and Marilyn Manson.

SEX ON FIFTH AVENUEHis long time partner, and beautiful blonde bombshell, Anna Evans, is very much a force in this scene and helps add to that old school Marilyn Monroe sex appeal. She is often seen dancing and performing to the electronic dance wave music playing and it can feel like she is in her own room, naked celebrating her body. The bonus is that we are all invited to watch a very intimate moment. There is no doubt Anna is a delightful addition to the ambiance of Kayvon’s parties.

My girl, Venus Pain, one of the promoters and an old school Club Kid herself invited me to a recent Sex on Fifth Avenue show, so I brought my boyfriend and some friends, who are fairly new to this kind of scene. (I have a secret desire to watch people do something they’ve never done before and look at it through their eyes.)


My first night at Sex on Fifth Avenue’s new space was fabulous! At The Museum of Sex, Kayvon, Anna, and friends really utilize the space to further challenge their guests to discover their own deeply hidden desires. With the type of environment Sex on Fifth Avenue creates, even the most reserved will leave feeling a bit more open than when they arrived.

Some of the most notable attractions at a Sex On Fifth Avenue party are the ability to dance, have your body painted, dance on top of a man rolled up in a carpet (don’t worry–he likes it), and grab a drink to cool off while checking out the museum’s exhibits on a self-guided tour. You can opt to play in a bouncy room made of boobs, play a Dick and Ball race game, or watch some old school porno by the very famous Linda Lovelace. On the tour, I came across a rad dress made up of condoms. One does wonder what was used to get all those rubbers to stick?


By far, the best part of the whole experience was the people and their fashion. Latex, rubber, and feathers were plentiful, and a lot of the outfits are original pieces most of the regulars have created themselves. I whispered to one man wearing wings who seemed 7 feet tall, that he made me feel like he was a deity to be worshiped. And that’s what I love about the attendees looks, you can clearly see they are people who don’t wear the average trends. They put love into their designs and their style is a reflection of who they are on the inside.


As a life-long New Yorker, sometimes it’s hard for me to realize that the days of venues like CBGBs and Batcave are gone. Being a teenager and taking the metro north train from Yonkers to go to punk and goth parties was the highlight of my childhood existence.

Going to a Sex on Fifth Avenue party gave me that nostalgic feeling back. Even if it’s for one night a week, I can relive a time where I felt the most individual freedom to be my own kind of freak. Even if you are new to this scene, I promise you if you go, you will find out just what kind of beautiful freak lives inside of you.

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Mika Kenyah

by Mika Kenyah

Mika Kenyah Head of East Coast Operations – Born of Peruvian and African American heritage, Mika grew up in Yonkers, NY where her diverse environment led her to seek interests outside of the norm. Known for her experience hosting parties and appearances on numerous tv shows such as Cake Boss, Ink Masters, and Orange is the New Black, Mika’s company Sugar & Spikes. works to cast alternative talent with tattoos and piercings for print, tv, and film.