Love, Lust or Run: My week with Style Guru, Stacy London

If you are familiar with TLC’s hit show, What Not to Wear, chances are you will know the unforgettable presence that is Stacy London. This was a show where Stacy, along with co-host Clinton Kelly, took people who have fallen off the fashion wagon and help them get their threads on track. Stacy’s personality on the show was often very direct and brutally honest. I can only believe her aggressiveness in waking people up from a fashion coma stemmed from her passion for fashion. You can imagine the apprehension I felt when I got a call from a casting director that I had been selected to appear on Stacy’s new show, Love, Lust or Run.

Now, I wouldn’t say I am completely clueless when it comes to the world of fashion. I have worked in media and entertainment for over a decade, and I can definitely recognize what’s hot on a hot body. I also run an alternative modeling company, so I know how clothes should fit a model prior to submitting them for work.

However, I fall into a small genre of alternative fashion and I haven’t changed my personal style since I fell in love with wanting to dress like Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson and Dimebag Darrell. I work non-stop, and have over the years, found less time to fuss over changing my style. Plus, I have noticed that my mohawk, full of lively curls, has withered over time due to over-bleaching so that I could color the rainbow into it.

I knew the time had come to accept the truth: In order to expand my business and continue pushing for the fashion industry to change and accept alternative looks, I must accept change myself.

I need to look like the boss while maintaining my attitude and personality.

Love, Lust or Run

Before Love, Lust or Run

When I met Stacy for our episode of Love, Lust or Run, I was prepared with sass for when she tried to change me, but to my surprise she was incredibly welcoming of my style. Her only goal, she assured me, was to find a look that didn’t change who I was, but added a bit of sophistication.

I am sure I was very difficult for her to work with. I often caught her making faces and scrunching up her nose at my lack of excitement at wearing stilettos and my opposition to leather pants that were not made of spandex. I admitted I don’t spend much time shopping, and the day we spent at Nicole Miller NYC trying on several outfits was painful.

Literally, it was painful because wearing clothes your size doesn’t often mean comfort, or at least the comfort of my daily position, hunched over a laptop.

With a fashion career spanning from Vogue to Access Hollywood, Stacy can now add fashion therapist to her resume, because I really did learn a lot about myself in this process. I am a workaholic who somehow lost the embrace of my femininity and was too lazy to figure out what works on my new grown up body. I may have wanted to say “whatevs” to her fancy fashion words, but I am willing to incorporate the lessons she gave me on my approach to my personal fashion, hair, and makeup. I admit after the big reveal, and Stacy hovering over me like a fairy godmother, almost in tears, I did feel pretty fancy! I also felt motivated to attend all those networking events that I have been missing out on because I had nothing to wear.

Check out Love, Lust or Run, premiering Friday, January 23rd on TLC!

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Mika Kenyah

by Mika Kenyah

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