Introduction to Australian Hip-Hop 

Australian hip-hop has it’s very own flavor in the international hip-hop community, and is slowly going global. Artists are making their way offshore and gaining a following, and a few have even toured America with the greats. If you’ve never actually heard anything from Austuralia before, start with Hilltop Hoods and Bliss N Eso, but keep it mind, it is not representative of the entire scene. There is more to Aussies than Iggy.

The Ring Leaders

Hilltop Hoods – The Hard Road

Bliss N Eso – Party At My Place

The fun stuff

Drapht – Rapunzel

Seth Sentry – Dear Science

The deep / conscious stuff

Horrorshow – Dead Star Shine

Illy – Cigarettes

That raw ish

Kerser – Speak Of That

Pez – 100 Bars

The chill groove

Jackie Onassis – Smoke Trails

AllDay x C1- So Good

And the Party Starters

360 + Bam Bam – Died This Way

Butterfingers – FIGJAM

Want more? Check out this feed on Oz Hip Hop for a longer list of artist to get you started.

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