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Like many of you out there, I am addicted to my Instagram account. It is probably my favorite form of social media. Instagram is platform that is less about that girl I knew 20 years ago with her five kids (Facebook) or the exhaustion of trying to keep abreast with my Twitter feed and more about human accomplishments. I can be anywhere and within seconds feel inspired by someone I have never met, half way across the world based on one photo alone. These Instagram influencers simultaneously make me want to dress better, cook (healthy) for my man, do some sit-ups, and travel across the world.

Here are a few individuals that motivate me daily to be a better person.

Camila Coelho – Brazil

This makeup artist proves the stereotype that all Brazilian women are natural beauty pheromones’. She doesn’t fear pigments or bold color. She teaches her followers how to get daring sexy looks with the click of a mouse though her Portuguese and English speaking YouTube Channels. More importantly, she reminds me that though I am no longer working in the world of cosmetics, I can still channel that South American smolder with a little effort in front of a mirror. Date night, here I come!



Chiara Ferragni – Italy

This little lady proves that a blog can really take you beyond your wildest dreams. More commonly known by her moniker ‘The Blonde Salad’ she describes her site as a mixture of interests. Though she hails from the Rome/Milan area, this occasional model/fashion writer has spread her reach around the globe and seems to be jet setting more than she is home. Look out for her new shoe line and collaborations with major design houses. She encompasses #stlyespo.

Chiara Ferragni


Linn Lowes – Sweden

There a lot of women on IG that flaunt their good looks by posting generic pictures of big smiles and tight abs but Lynn is the real deal. She is the definition of fitness commitment and lifestyle. Her story is genuine as she shares everything from serious moments about her battle with cancer, to the more light hearted addiction to gym shoes. Linn’s work out moves and healthy recipes can all be found on her blog as well. And though she is basically the Swedish definition of perfection most of us will never achieve, she makes me smile knowing that there is still humble beauty in world.

Linn Lowes


Mimi Konn – London/Toronto

Mimi Konn is what I like to call an everyday #stylespo. She is the kind of fashion influencer that you can follow out in the real world, with real world jobs, and real world budgets. Ms. Konn is also a real world entrepreneur as the co-founder of Luxy hair, she gives the masses the option of possessing her Princess Jasmine-like locks. I mean it, and I don’t say it often but this woman gives hair envy new meaning. Check out her YouTube channel to get all her styling tips and advice.

Mimi Konn

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