Fancy French Water Gets a Street Makeover

Perrier, the bubbly goodness we add to our beverage rotation to make us feel like we’ve taken our daily water intake to the next level, just got a little better. That same refined bottled French water brand has a street side. The latest in a long running multi-artist collaboration, the iconic green bottle has had a colorful makeover.

The Brand turned to three culturally and aesthetically diverse creatives from around the world to revamp the look .

JonOne – a New York graffiti artist living in Paris, enhanced the glass bottle with bold, abstract designs.

Sasu – hailing from Tokyo, adorned the plastic bottle with the colorful geometric shapes and floral patterns she has become known for.

Edwardo Kobra – a muralist from São Paulo, enriched the slim can with bold dynamic patterns.

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Jenn Nicole

by Jenn Nicole

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