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X Ambassadors
The first time I saw X Ambassadors was with my roommate in 2013. I was completely blown away. It was at a venue in Chicago called The Bottom Lounge, which is around a 700 capacity room. I remember waiting anxiously for them to come on, and the room was buzzing. As they came out onto the stage, I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. I’d heard their music before, but nothing prepared me for how perfect their music would be live. Sam Harris’s raspy voice falls perfectly over the soulful rock melodies that have influences rooted in modern R&B and alternative rock.

I was completely shocked to learn that the lead singer even plays saxophone to accompany the live performance. From the mixture of the rock chord progressions to the jazzy melodies, this band knows how to make a good record, and perform it on stage. To this day, I have a firm belief that these four guys have a better stage presence than most mainstream artists do. It was impossible not to fall in love.

You’ve probably heard of them without even realizing it. X Ambassadors is hitting up the mainstream music scene, one hit single at a time. You’ve probably heard their song with Jamie N Commons, Jungle featured on commercials featuring Beats by Dre, and more recently in the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2. They even had a part in rap star Eminem’s song Wicked Games.  

In 2014 X Ambassadors toured the U.S. in support of mainstream bands like Imagine Dragons and Panic! At the Disco. The band wrote their second EP entitled The Reason based on the idea of people who have the courage to start over.

 “Most people will tell you that if you work hard enough at something, you can make any dream come true…But what happens with it isn’t enough? What happens when those dreams just don’t come true? And what about those people who make the difficult choice to give up and move on? ‘The Reason’ is our attempt to tell one of those stories. Sometimes things just don’t work out. Sometimes it’s for the best. We’re all afraid of failure, but there’s a bravery in knowing when it’s time to move on.” X Ambassadors

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