Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Will Soon be in Theaters

ThrillerMichael Jackson fans will soon have a chance to relive the experience of watching one of his iconic videos for the first time–on the big screen.

In 2015, Michael Jackson’s music video Thriller will be brought back to life in theaters in 3-D. With the help of director John Landis, the film will be released in theaters, as well as a possible Blu-Ray version. This comes as a surprise since the Jackson estate had had a dispute with the project that has delayed it for many years.

Thriller is arguably one of the greatest music videos of all time. The 14 minute music video ushered in the era of music videos and created a blueprint for future artist such as the Backstreet Boys and Chris Brown. To prove how much this video has made an impact on pop culture, Thriller is the only music video inducted into the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress. Michael Jackson fans, get ready to head to the theaters and cheer for the King of Pop all over again.

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Kelsey Stone

by Kelsey Stone

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