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Chicago Style: White blazer and top with coral skirt

Name: Brit Woollard Photographer/ Musician/ Renaissance Woman Twitter/Instagram: @britwoollard Spotted by Nikki Lynette. An artsy look is timeless and unique, ignoring current trends for a look that makes a statement without saying a word.  Originality is a must for any artsy look like this, which means matching coordinates simply won’t do. Boho artist looks are […]

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Joliet Style: Red cropped tee with leggings and sneaks

Name: Diamond Brass Age: 16 Dancer Spotted by Nikki Lynette. When comfort is key but sweats just won’t do, go for a sporty look. The most important thing about rocking the sporty chic look is to mix and match between sporty and chic.  When it comes to casual style, the laid back ladies of small-town […]


Celeb Style: White Blazer with Vibrant Orange Pant

How cute is this?!? Chrissy Teigen’s Cannes yacht party look can easily be made casual by choosing a bright orange pant in a more durable fabric. A white blazer is one of the most versatile closet staples, especially for summer, with many ways to wear it in almost any environment. This blazer and bandeau combo […]

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California Style: Red Flare Dress with Knee High Boots

“I want to be different. If everyone is wearing black, I want to be wearing red.” ~ Maria Sharapova Hi lovelies! I finally scored a pair of heeled over the knee boots! Even though they don’t really go over mine (Yeah. the cons of being too tall sometimes!) I still love them! They will probably […]

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NY Style: Layered Looks – Plaid and Polka Dot Top with Slim Jeans

Name: Maxwell Rex Age: 24 Fashion Entrepreneur Twitter/IG: @runwaybella Spotted by style guru ShawnG. When assembling layered looks, keep the under-layers more fitted to avoid looking bulky. One fashion trend seen around New York City during the cold weather months is layering. This look is an example of layering done right. Mixing materials when styling this look […]

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Celeb Style: T-shirt with Velvet Mini-skirt and Faux Fur Coat

Charlie XCX is never afraid to try a risky look. This 90s inspired ensemble includes a faux fur coat, retro animal print tee, a velvet black mini, fishnets, white ankle socks, and Mary Jane styled chunky pumps. This look combines several different elements of 90s style, including the platform shoes that pay homage to the […]

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Chicago Style: Red and white pullover with ripped jeans and sneakers

Name: Runway Bella Model/Rapper Twitter/IG: @maxwellrex8 Spotted by The DM’s founder, Nikki Lynette.  What I love about Bella’s style is despite having a model’s figure, she doesn’t dress just to be sexy. She definitely knows how to work a more sultry look, but despite that fact Bella opts to dress for comfort. And not in […]

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Floral top with jeans, headwrap, and sandals

Hey lovelies! Dolly here, sharing my personal style for my fellow fashion lovers. Hope you all are enjoying Fall! (Well, here in Cali it is just finally starting to feel cooler, so look forward to seeing more layering from me.) I’m not quite sure where I was going when I wore this look, but I think […]

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Pink Coat with Brown Sweater And Black Leggings

Name: Phoebe Age: 18 Student Twitter/IG: @pheobechillin Spotted by style guru Shawn G. What caught me about Pheobe’s outfit was the fact it was pouring rain in New York with everyone else wearing black trench and rain coats. In the sea of all black, POP, there was a dot of powder pink! Her whole look was […]

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Black contrast trim blazer with tank and leather skinnies

On those days when you don’t quite feel like dressing up but you need to make a good impression, this monochromatic, chic ensemble worn by Jennifer Lawrence can’t be beat. To achieve this look, first choose a black blazer with satin or leather trim. When it comes to styling a blazer, you can never have […]

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Menswear inspired romper with layered necklaces

Who says women’s formal wear has to be limited to gowns? Draw inspiration from RiRi’s menswear inspired look and make a huge statement at your next major event. To start, choose a black jumpsuit that flatters your figure and gives you a sleek, elongated shape. Since not all bodies are the same, not all rompers […]