spring style

A Look into Spring Style 2015

Amid the dreary landscape of white snow, slush and ice, fashionistas everywhere are quaking in their superb stilettos, and running to their local cobblers due to the recent onslaught of wet, cold weather. But never fear, spring is just around the bend, and as the temperatures climb, so will the hemlines. It’s been a brutal […]

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Sneakerdom: Where to Find the Rare and Exlusives

Sneakerdom is a vast and highly cultural landscape. There are different people, from all walks of life that contribute their talents, skills, and money to furthering this sneakerdom idea. But some of you may ask your self, “Where can I get these rare and exclusive sneakers”. Well, lets define a few thing so we can […]

Unisex Fashion
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7 Benefits of Unisex Fashion

Unisex fashion is nothing new, but since the tomboy faded into obscurity in the late 90’s, it has slowly died down. Recently however, both seasoned and up and coming designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Sir New York have revamped the world of unisex fashion. With the resurgence of this trend even the hottest celebrities are appreciating the benefits of unisex fashion and […]

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Diva on a Dime

In these tough economic times, it can be hard to be fashionable on a budget. If you enjoy the finer things in life, but don’t want to stress about the bills, you can wear all the latest designs without breaking the bank. If you like designers like Reema Acra, Tory Burch or Louis Vuitton, but […]


Vintage Style: Winter Runway

  Vintage style is once again on display on the runway. From cocoon dresses to the nostalgic mod styles of the sixties, vintage style has crept into our collective fashion consciousness to rev up our wardrobe for winter. Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent have already unveiled their looks for this upcoming season, and many of them […]

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Anatomy of Lolita Style

What makes a Lolita a Lolita? Her dress shape. Lolita has many different subsets such as Sweet, Gothic, Punk, Sailor, Ero, Hime, Bittersweet, Shiro, Kuro, casual, Decora, Guro, Classical, otome, ouji, kodona/boystyle, and more but we’re going to focus on the basic Lolita shape and style. In the future we will discuss basic boystyle as […]

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The 5 Types of Sneakerheads… Which One Are you?

You may have heard the term “Sneakerhead” in passing on the train or bus. Perhaps it caught your attention when you saw it a magazine or on social media. Maybe you’ve even heard friends or loved ones use the term to describe you. But, let’s be honest–do you know what it actually means? To give you a […]

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The 6 Basic Rules of Vintage

Kate Hudson wore it on the red carpet. Ariana Grande has, too. Rihanna has been spotted in it for years. It’s become a trend of sorts, but one that comes with lots of assumptions, tons of misdirection, and no small measure of disdain. And to do it is one thing—but to do it well is another. […]

chic eyewear
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Chic Frames for the Chic College Student

Fashion experts have long been debating the easiest way to add a flare of sophistication to a simple outfit. But I have found the secret in a commonplace accessory: glasses. While figuring out fashion in college, glasses might at first seem counter-intuitive. Walking around campus, I only see thick-lensed frames pop up on faces of computer science […]

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How To Tie a bow tie. The right way.

As men, I believe we should know how to do a lot of things: to be the ultimate provider, business man, builder, dresser, creator, lover… the ultimate man. That means you need to know a bit about putting an outfit together, guys. In addition, these days more and more beautiful ladies are experimenting with the […]