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Fine Dining: Candle 79 in New York, NY

I am vegan, but I am choosy. I’m not one of those folks who will pretend something is delicious just because it’s good for me. I sorta hate those types of vegans. With that being said, I am super excited to tell you lovely foodies about my favorite fine dining restaurant in New York, Candle […]

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Apple and Brie Tarts

My friend Michelle and I try to get together at my place at least semi-regularly on Friday night to have a few drinks and sharpen our Domestic Diva skills. We find a recipe or two, shop for the ingredients, come back, and cook and drink until my husband decides it’s a safety hazard to have two drunk […]

tempeh stir-fry
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Sesame Ginger Tempeh Stir-Fry

Do you love Thai or Chinese takeout as much as I do? If so, I have a saucy tempeh stir-fry recipe that may cure your takeout cravings every time. Sesame ginger tempeh stir-fry is full of flavor and packs a ton of nutrition–something you’re not always guaranteed when your food comes packaged in plastic or Styrofoam. Veggie […]

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Chicago’s Sweet Shop: Chocolat Uzma Sharif

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I beg to differ. I’d offer up chocolate from Chocolat Uzma Sharif instead. Ah, blessed chocolate! That delicious confection that is the Achilles heel of my diet (and my scale)! In fact, if given the choice between Johnny Depp (*fangirl swoon*) and chocolate, I’d be hard pressed to choose […]

Sherry Pumpkin Pinto Bean Soup
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Sherry Pumpkin Pinto Bean Soup

How do you eat like royalty on a peasant’s budget? Procure a nice bottle of sherry vinegar and make this sherry pumpkin pinto bean soup! One taste and you’ll want to eat this delicious soup all winter long. There are so many flavor and texture components that make this sherry pumpkin pinto bean soup a classic […]

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The Skinny on Starbucks

Starbucks has won over the hearts of everyone from the tired business man to the basic white girl inside of us all. But that quad shot Americano isn’t only keeping you up at night, it’s adding a few pounds to your scale as well. This probably isn’t a surprise to most. but seeing as the […]

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Morning After Thanksgiving Soup

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and with the biggest meal of the year already planned I’ve already started planning the next one: morning after Thanksgiving soup. With the planning and prep that goes into any Thanksgiving, the morning after can be as rough as a Monday morning. And while leftovers are definitely a girls […]

Curried Pumpkin Stew
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Easy Recipeezy: Curried Pumpkin Stew

Since I am an indie artist and my life is unstable and chaotic (in a good way), I experience the absolute realest of struggles when it comes to my vegan diet, especially now that I am attempting to jump on the gluten-free bandwagon. Because so much of my life revolves around finding healthy stuff to […]

pork belly bao
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Pork Belly Bao…Mmm Hello!

Ahhh..the infamous bao (bun) that is perfectly paired with pork belly: undeniable.  How does a foodie resist such a heartwarming and sexy sammie?!  You. Can’t! I made these pork belly bao sammies for a party this past weekend and despite being partially drunk while making them they came out amazingly well!  This is a really quick and easy […]

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The Ultimate Adult Rootbeer Float Recipe

There is nothing worse than having someone say “Oh, you’re one of those girls” to you, but when it comes to beer, I am definitely one of those girls. It is not a high maintenance thing (though I have been called that on occasion), I just never developed a taste for beer. Honest to god, I have […]

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Egg Porn…Mmm Hello!

My current obsessions: nude lipsticks, ripped tees, this song, talenti gelato, salt water taffy, and last but not least..SEXY LOOKING EGGS. The drippy, runny, oh-so-gooey, bright-as-the-sun yolk does it for me. I know not everybody agrees with me on this–but this is my blog so ha! I am going to gush about my love for […]