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Fine Dining: Candle 79 in New York, NY

I am vegan, but I am choosy. I’m not one of those folks who will pretend something is delicious just because it’s good for me. I sorta hate those types of vegans. With that being said, I am super excited to tell you lovely foodies about my favorite fine dining restaurant in New York, Candle […]

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Apple and Brie Tarts

My friend Michelle and I try to get together at my place at least semi-regularly on Friday night to have a few drinks and sharpen our Domestic Diva skills. We find a recipe or two, shop for the ingredients, come back, and cook and drink until my husband decides it’s a safety hazard to have two drunk […]


Depression and Relationships: It Just Takes Time

With the death of beloved actor and comedian, Robin Williams, we were reminded once again the stigma of mental illness and depression in today’s society. This brought many writers, activists, and public figures to speak out about awareness of depression and its silent destruction of our population, as well as many others to refute its […]

lose the weight

Toss the Fads, Lose the Weight

Growing up, I never really struggled with my weight. I was thin, had an athletic build, and participated in rigorous activities like gymnastics and dancing. Through high school and even into college I was slim and had little problem maintaining my physique. All that changed when I got pregnant. I was constantly sick, and it […]

a tale of love
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I Gave Her My Heart: A Tale of Love

In late January 2010, I was working at my campus library and had recently sworn off dating. No, really, stay with me here: I. Was. Done. All I wanted to focus on that spring semester was my writing and my future, neither of which needed a distraction like boys. If I got lonely, that’s what […]

booty belt

Products We Love: The Booty Belt

It’s February, which means you have definitely bailed on that New Year’s resolution gym membership, but bikini season is just around the corner. Lucky for you, nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor and former NGA Pro competitor, Christie Bennett shared one of her new favorite products with us, the Booty Belt. Who better to to help […]

winter picnics
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Winter Picnic

  A winter picnic can be a great way to have fun and connect with others, as well as nature. When most people think of picnics, they may conjure up lazy summer days sitting in the sun and think, “Why would I ever do that in winter?” It may not be bikini weather, but there are some […]


Tatted Uprising: J. Michael Kent

J. Michael Kent is a NYC based male model with naturally handsome good looks and a talent for being extremely versatile. I recently caught up with him and chatted about his career and being such an in demand, versatile model. He has been on the scene for 3 years and I have watched his portfolio […]

tempeh stir-fry
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Sesame Ginger Tempeh Stir-Fry

Do you love Thai or Chinese takeout as much as I do? If so, I have a saucy tempeh stir-fry recipe that may cure your takeout cravings every time. Sesame ginger tempeh stir-fry is full of flavor and packs a ton of nutrition–something you’re not always guaranteed when your food comes packaged in plastic or Styrofoam. Veggie […]

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Chicago’s Sweet Shop: Chocolat Uzma Sharif

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I beg to differ. I’d offer up chocolate from Chocolat Uzma Sharif instead. Ah, blessed chocolate! That delicious confection that is the Achilles heel of my diet (and my scale)! In fact, if given the choice between Johnny Depp (*fangirl swoon*) and chocolate, I’d be hard pressed to choose […]

relationship advice
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Relationship Advice: Vodka and First Aid Kits

Relationships Advice: Whatever happens, always keep a bottle of vodka and a first aid kit handy.   I have been in the same relationship since I was 19. I won’t tell you exactly how many years ago that was, because I refuse to admit my age in a public forum. Let’s just say when we […]

adventure time

15 Ways Adventure Time Will Make You a Better Grown Up

Adventure Time, the wildly popular kids show that’s not really for kids, is probably the best thing Cartoon Network has ever done. Yeah, I said it. The simplistic animation style and the overall silliness of the main characters might deceive some into missing the depth of the messages they convey, but those of us who […]

valentine's day mixtape
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Battle of the Valentine’s Day Mixtape

For all you lovers out there, Valentine’s Day is about excitement, fun, and maybe even a bit of romance. Whether you’ve already met that special someone or you’re waiting in the wings, here’s a Valentine’s Day mixtape of sexy songs to get you in the right mood. Turn the music up and enjoy!   “I Love […]

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Valentine’s Day Playlist for the Jaded and Jilted

It’s that time of year again. And if you hate all the mentions of love, pink hearts fluttering in the cold breeze, and two for one sales on chocolate bars, this Valentine’s day playlist is for you! 1). “Caught Out There”-Kelis: This song is for everyone who’s been cheated on and who doesn’t want to […]