light girls
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Light Girls: The Documentary That Showed Everyone’s True Colors

Bill Duke and the OWN network recently premiered Light Girls, a documentary about the disadvantages of light skin girls and colorism in the African American community (as well as other communities). Diahann Carroll, Raven Symone, Tatiyana Ali, Kym Whitley, and Iyanla Vanzant are just a few women who shared their experiences and opinions as to […]

pretentious idiot

Being a Pretentious Idiot Will Get You Nowhere

We’ve all been there, have had friends that have been there, or just know someone who has been that guy. News Flash: Being a pretentious idiot will get you nowhere. We all know one person who thinks they’re better than everyone else simply because they’ve been following the latest trends in fashion, or because they don’t listen […]

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Stop Trying to Gentrify New York Graffiti

Being a native Brooklynite, graffiti has always been a part of my culture as a type of art. With the current flocks of Hipsters making their way to gentrify our neighborhoods, they seem to think they bought artistic graffiti to us and beautified our communities. NEWS FLASH: It’s always been here. Williamsburg and Bushwick aren’t […]


Sex on Fifth Avenue

Sex on Fifth Avenue is a weekly party series brought to you by Kayvond Zand and held at The Museum of Sex in NYC. It’s a beautifully wicked affair that breathes life into the dying, gentrified old man NYC has become.   Kayvon and company have had their share of battles with their Sex on Fifth […]


10 Social Changes for 2015

2014 saw its share of ups and downs. Much of what happened during the last year started necessary conversations, incited outrage, and elicited more than a few eye rolls. All of these conversations and reactions have inspired me to list 10 social changes for 2015. These are things I believe will help improve real life and online interactions. If we […]

quarter life crisis
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The Young Adult and the Quarter Life Crisis: A Rant

In the past year and a half, I have moved a hundred miles away from home, landed a relatively enjoyable and well-paying job, I’m finishing up my third semester of college, and somehow maintaining a high GPA. I’ve also managed to have a social life and date in the scraps of my free time. Being […]