beauty on a budget

Beauty on a Budget For All Levels of Makeup Mavens

Make-up is expensive. That’s the first thought anyone who is trying to get into the beauty game thinks; trust me, I know. I’ve been there, you’ve been there, anyone on this staff has been there. It’s almost the easiest way to discourage people from trying all of the pigments of the world. Have no fear, […]

perfect makeup

Perfect Makeup: Steal These 10 Celeb Looks

Being obsessed with makeup and pop culture, I’m always looking to celebrities to see what they’re doing with their makeup routines on and off the red carpet. Are they trying out bold colors? Or going more subtle? Smoky eyes and bright red lips? Or natural looks with just a hint of color? Here are my picks […]

lipstick obsession

Lipstick Obsession

Let me start this off by saying that I never used to be the girl that was brave enough to try new things with my daily makeup routine. I kept it simple: foundation, concealer, and some mascara. It was something that could be done in a couple of minutes. Then I discovered my lipstick obsession. […]


Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

At The DM, we are excited to share everything and anything we think may enrich your lives. Coming from a variety of ethnicities, cities and age groups, our staff is able to give you real advice on awesome, affordable products that get results. This edition of The DM’s Staff Picks is here to help you survive the […]

Artistry Concealer Stick

PRODUCT REVIEW: Artistry Concealer

ARTISTRY CONCEALER STICK I struggle with dark under eye circles. In some part, it’s due to genetics, but mostly it is because of the lack of sleep you get when you are running a company. Being in and out of weather that has no idea if it wants to be Winter or a Summer monsoon doesn’t […]

bob hair

All Hail the Long Bob

It seems as though the trend of long hair has been put to a halt. Women have started chopping off their long locks and opting for an edgy yet wholesome look, thanks to the trend of the long bob. While the long bob gives you the ability to swing your hair, it is a more […]

natural hair

Why I HATE Natural Hair Classifications

I have been ‘natural’ (no relaxer or perm) for almost two years now. At times I wasn’t sure how to adjust, so when in doubt, I did what everyone else does. I consulted the internet oracle to find out how I should proceed in managing my mane. Thankfully, I learned a great deal of useful […]